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Whatsapp Messenger Success Story

Whatsapp messenger
Whatsapp messenger Success :

Things work out best for people who make the most effective of however things work. Brian Acton, the former Yahoo engineer and Jan Koum square measure the founders of WhatsApp Messenger that is that the most successful  instant electronic messaging app currently obtainable within the world.

The story of Whatsapp Messenger is a live example of where innovation in technology takes individuals and their communication. With billions of users addicted to ‘Whatsapp’ form of keeping in grips, it is worthwhile to explore what went behind creating this development happen.

WhatsApp Messenger Founder

Whatsapp messenger

Jan Koum was not from a loaded family. He stayed with his mother and grandmother during a tiny living accommodations. With his diligence, he finally got into San Jose State University where he took coaching in programming.

Jan met his business partner, Brian while operating at Yahoo as associate engineer. They worked along in Yahoo for virtually 9 years so left the corporate together. Then they applied to Facebook, but saw no luck. They had no plans to become rich till they thought of creating associate app for iPhone users.They then created the app which received tremendous success in a terribly less time. This was because the users found it pretty simple to use and they needn't to register anyplace so as to use the applying. This was the dream come true for each the partners.

Founding Of WhatsApp Messenger

Whatsapp Inc was supported in 2009 by 2 ex-Yahoo! workers, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. After having bought associate iPhone and wanting at the new appstore, they realised that it was getting to be a apace growing business for apps.Koum chose the name, associated they started talking about building an app wherever individuals would have their statuses next to their names.

The initial models failing, Koum was disheartened, and was almost concerning to administer up once Acton persuaded him to stay at it. Finally in the  November of 2009, after months of beta testing, WhatsApp Messenger launched in the app store for iPhones. The blackberry version was released simply 2 months later.

Earning By WhatsApp Messenger App

Jan and Brian earned  millions of greenbacks with none advertising on the app. They made cash in 2 ways that. They started charging iPhone users on first time installation and the humanoid users per annum. A lot of individuals used the app and paid each of them. Reports state that around 250 million people use WhatsApp in a month. This is a large number for any application to achieve within the smartphone house.

The more variety of users for WhatsApp Messenger, the more partners earn. The money was straight getting to their pocket. There was no outside investment in making the app.All the development of the app is finished in Russia. They could have earned  a lot of from the app by making the WhatsApp Corporation. They could have earned  directly by merchandising it.

Main Attraction Of WhatsApp Messenger 

Both the partners worked at Yahoo and thus learnt the tricks of the trade. Yahoo works with advertisements. Most users do not like advertisements flashing while victimisation associate application. Understanding this, the two created associate app that is straightforward to use destitute of barriers within the type of advertisements. That alone made WhatsApp most pet by the users worldwide.There are solely fifty five workers in the WhatsApp Messenger opposition. but they serve millions of individuals day after day. The main aim of the app is to supply an easy interface to the users enabling them to remain connected with their pet ones. WhatsApp messenger is now bought over and closely-held by Facebook and this created each the partners, Jan and Brian billionaires in a terribly short amount of your time.

Whatsapp messenger Acquisition by Facebook

After many months of venture capital finance, Facebook declared that they were acquiring facebook in February 2014. The deal went down for US $19 Billion, it was Facebook’s largest acquisition till then. Till date, this acquisition is the largest transaction done by any 2 corporations backed by venture capitalists.

WhatsApp Messenger Milestones
  • Whatsapp released for Symbian OS and golem OS in 2010.In September 2011, whatsapp
  • released a new version of the traveller for iPhones having closed the safety holes.
  • It released for Windows Phones and Blackberry ten in 2013.
  • In 2014, they released a version for smartwatches running Andriod OS.
  • In January 2015, Whats app added a decision feature to target a very totally different cluster of users.

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